Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my blog! For quite a while now I have been thinking about doing something like this. Those of you who know me well have often said I should write a book of ‘Sarah moments’ (the embarrassing but rather amusing happenings that seem to occur fairly frequently in my life!). Well, I’m sure there will be plenty of those to report! But I hope that this place is more than just a collection of Sarah’s latest sagas. I hope that it will be a place of smiles, encouragements and little things to think about too.

I think that’s all for now. I’ll post again soon! (Scroll down for more posts!)

Sarah x


Wellies and Waterfalls

Don’t go walking through waterfalls in wellies that have a hole in… I learnt this the hard way earlier this week hehe. Or maybe I should say, check your wellies for holes before you attempt to walk through waterfalls… even if they’re super cool red polkadot ones!

Thunderbirds vs Snails


So the other day, I was wandering around Fopp (music/book shop, DEFINITELY worth checking out for those of you who have never been!) and I stumbled across (ok, so I may have actually been looking for it) the whole Thunderbirds collection for £20 on DVD. BARGAIN. Sadly, I didn’t purchase it (one day, Tracey brothers, one day) but it did get me reminiscing about just how much I loved the Thunderbirds when I was a young. I would say my Thunderbirds obsession probably was on par with my love for Hanson as an eleven year old (I’ll save that one for another day!) There was my first lunchbox for school which was a red Thunderbirds one with all the characters, Thunderbirds and Tracey Island on the front (which also traumatically got pooed on by a bird on my way to school one day… the Sarah moments started young!). There were the Thunderbirds parties with Thunderbird table cloths, cups and plates, and even more amazingly, the incredible THUNDERBIRD 2 BIRTHDAY CAKE which was made by my mum and dad for my fourth birthday. I was so excited when I found evidence of this when watching some home DVDs a few years ago.

Infact, I loved The Thunderbirds so much that I wanted to be one. Not Lady Penelope, I wanted to be a Tracey Brother. So much so, that when I was about 3 or 4, I decided to try and become one by lying upside down at the top of the stairs (for those of you who have never watched the Thunderbirds, the Tracey Brothers enter the Thunderbird vehicles by travelling head first into them…. I seemed to think going down my stairs headfirst would do something similar but apparently not). Sadly, my attempts were in vein and all I achieved was a rather sore head, but it was pretty fun pretending to be one for those few seconds!

I’m not sure exactly what it was about The Thunderbirds that I loved so much (Captain Scarlett and Marina were definitely worth a watch, but they had nothing on The Thunderbirds) Maybe it was the spending time sitting with my dad each week, the awesomeness that was Tracey Island, or the excitement of seeing if Alan Tracey would be able to disarm a plastacine bomb before they all got blown to smithereens (he was definitely my favourite, although apparently I used to do a pretty good Brains impression), I think a combination of all three. But what is certain is that The Thunderbirds has had a fond place in my heart ever since, and will continue to do so, I am sure. (And next time I go to Fopp…)


This all came around the same time that I decided that there is something that I conversely really really do dislike, even more than wasps…. snails. Ok, so I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with Thunderbirds but I decided to go with the love/hate (or more, strongly disklike) theme and tell you about one of my pet hates. If I were to have a Room 101, snails would definitely go in. You see, snails in themselves are alright. They’re a bit slimey, not the prettiest of things, but that’s ok, it’s not their fault, and I appreciate that they bring lots of fun to children all over the world (and PERHAPS, provide for some yummy eating also, although I’m not convinced!) So it’s not so much snails that I don’t like, it’s the treading on them! You see, leading up to my house is a path which is pitch black at night…. and also home to many, many snails. This isn’t such a problem in the summer, but in the autumn (or on a rainy day) they all come out to play, forming a minefield of snails to be trod on! I’m not sure why this repulses me so much. I would like to say this is for ethical reasons (although the thought of killing these innocent guys doesn’t exactly fill me with joy!), but I think it’s more the feel of it… the fact that they hold out for a millisecond under your foot before giving way and splatting all on your shoe (ready to be trod into the house) and leaving a rather unsightly mess on the pavement. Not pleasant. And so a couple of months ago I decided that solution was to use the torch app on my phone (whay, these ransom apps actually have a purpose!), which worked very well, and guided my way up the path each evening, avoiding any poor snail which had made its way onto the path/firing line- we were both happy. Now can I just say, that this phenomenon of being slightly grossed out by the thought of standing on snails, is not something I am alone in. Infact, I’ve recently discovered that one of my good friends also hates walking down her garden path for the very same reason, which made me feel a little better. However, one day I decided that maybe I was just being silly in using a torch and that in fact, the odds on standing on these snails wasn’t as high as I imagined. And so I gave the snails the benefit of the doubt and didn’t use my torch. And ofcourse, this was a mistake. Not only did I tread on one snail, I managed to tread on three. Horrible, horrible, horrible. And this is why I am very thankful for my lovely housemate who recently got me a little light to go on my housekeys. Ahhh.

And so there you have it. Two things that Sarah both loves and hates. You learn something new every day 🙂

With love,

Sarah x

A Yurt Adventure

So this weekend, myself and two of my friends from Nottingham decided to go Yurting in the Peaks! Yes, October is a bit of a chilly time to test out ‘glamping’ but it was such an incredible experience that I felt it was definitely first-blog-post-worthy.


So for those of you who are unaware of the concept of staying in yurt and what it involves, let me explain. A yurt is basically a fancy tent that resembles a tepee, sort of (although the ironic thing is that I was trying to do something ‘English’ for Grace, who is American. I’m not sure how English a yurt is… maybe more Mongolian?!). Anyway, each yurt on the farm we stayed on (there were 4 yurts in total) were eco friendly huts which are made of canvas and wood. They’re bigger than most tents, and raised off the ground, which help (along with the log fire stove inside) to keep it nice and toasty. Each yurt also had a private hut with a compost loo in it, which I must say was quite an experience. I don’t know if you’ve ever used one but there’s more to it than I first realised- different compartments and water and sawdust…. I was thankful for the A4 sheet of instructions pinned onto the wall of the hut! The standard of the washrooms and things was incredible though (nice hot showers!) and talking with the girls under the stars in the log powered outdoor hot tub was an experience I will never forget. You can have a look at where we stayed and their ethos at http://www.secretcloudhouseholidays.co.uk/ What I loved was being able to live in my red spotty wellies for the weekend, spending time with the girls, and just having a go at doing something completely different. The yurt owner, Catherine, left us a hamper of breakfast goodies (locally sourced bacon and sausages every morning!) which set us up (after sitting talking in our beds talking until 12am. Yes, proper beds!) for a day of exploring the local countryside, finding it’s quirky pubs, and meeting the locals.


One of the highlights of the weekend for me was definitely meeting the locals. This is not something I had really expected or thought about prior to going. However, I will never forget some of the characters that we met. There was the man with the big beard who owned a little gallery of  ceramic and wood engravings that we stumbled across on one of our walks. He was so interesting and was building a workshop out of sustainable material with his friend. They were interested to hear all about the yurt, and I enjoyed hearing all about their engravings, which him and his wife made from scratch. There are so many other people I could tell you about- the woman in the pub who told us to drop in to her parents’ house (which we did), the one taxi driver in the village who had lived there all of his live (it‘s a funny moment in a pub when you ask someone for a taxi firm number and they shout over to their friend to ask if they have Bill and Jean‘s number), the many dog owners who helped us with directions on our walks (who we often met again in the pubs), the several pub owners we met, and many more! Which brings me onto my next point.

The Pubs

Pubs. Over the weekend, we spent many hours relaxing in the three nearby pubs. These were each recommended to us by locals that we met whilst out walking, and were each loved by us for different reasons. One had incredible puddings (apple pie and icecream, yum), one was full of quirky antiques (including Queen Victorias stockings!), and one, quite possibly my favourite, did super yummy meals and was home (in the evenings at least) to many of the lovely locals (and their dogs) that we met. Infact, myself and Grace caused a bit of worry when we phoned to say we were coming over for food but took a slight detour by mistake, resulting in a 30 min walk turning into a 90 minute one. It turns out they were debating whether to send someone out to look for us, oops! However, we arrived safe and sound, and enjoyed our final night talking over a yummy chicken curry and pie, surrounded by happy people and their dogs.

Patronus moment

There are so many highlights from the weekend that I’d love to tell you about. However, I think one of my favourite moments was on the final night. My friend Grace who also came sometimes talks about Patronus memories. Now, I‘ve never read Harry Potter, but I‘m told that these are the moments in life which form your happiest memories. Well, one of my Patronus moments will definitely be of the Sunday night of our weekend away. We‘d had an amazing day laughing, talking about anything and everything, praying together, and just having fun. And then that night, unable to sleep (just due to being Sarah, the bed was lovely and comfy!) but savouring the moment, with the solar powered fairy lights twinkling in the dark, the log fire burning out, and The Avett Brothers playing in my headphones, I decided that moment right there, was most definitely a Patronus Moment. This might sound a little happy-go-lucky. I mean, I’m well aware that life isn’t like that all that time, and that we all face hard times, but it was a great moment and reminded me of how great heaven will be if life can be that good sometimes.

In conclusion!

To conlude, I would absolutely, definitely 100% recommend yurting to anyone up for something a bit different. I’m a big fan of camping anyway, but it was nice to have a combination of some things camping (ie. Camp stove breakfast, washing up outside, the need to wear at least two hoodies and a scarf and a wooly hat) with a few extra luxuries like a proper bed, being able to stand up, and not having to take you tent down in the rain. The hot tub was also completely magical, and the log burner definitely helped with the rather chilly temperatures (we woke up to frost on one morning!). I guess we did have the advantage of sunny, dry days all weekend which definitely helped, but with loads of places to hide and hang soggy clothes, I don’t think rain would be much of a problem. Just don’t forget your wellies!

And that was my weekend Yurting. Girls, it was a privalege to laugh, learn and pray with you.x